Frequently Asked Questions

New Building
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1) Why is there no basement?

We have sufficient land available for future expansion, and based on that, our architect has provided the following reasons for not including a basement in the current phase of construction:

Cost: Building a basement can significantly increase construction costs. Excavation, foundation work, waterproofing, and additional structural support all contribute to higher expenses. By omitting the basement, we can allocate the funds towards other essential aspects of the current construction phase, such as the main assembly hall, amenities, landscaping, or infrastructure.

Accessibility: Constructing a basement can pose challenges in terms of accessibility for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. Incorporating ramps, elevators, or other means of accessible entry and exit can be more complex and expensive when including a basement. To ensure an inclusive environment for all attendees, it may be more practical and cost-effective to have the main hall and facilities on a single level.

Thus the decision to prioritize the current phase without a basement was made to accommodate budget constraints and ensure accessibility for all individuals.

2) Can we start planting trees now?

Landscape Package and Approval: Planting trees in the front or on the side of the building necessitates the preparation of a landscape package. This package will need to be presented to the City of Maryland Heights for approval. This step ensures that the planting aligns with their regulations and guidelines for aesthetics, environmental impact, and overall city planning.

Rear Planting: Such an approval is not required. 

Construction Considerations: Given that construction equipment will be brought in and out of the land, it is generally recommended to plant trees after both the approval process and construction are complete. This approach minimizes the risk of damage to newly planted trees and ensures their long-term viability.

By following these guidelines, we will have a smooth approval process and make informed decisions about the timing and placement of tree plantings around the building.

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