Land Donation Condition

The purpose of the land is to facilitate the development of a new community and religious center, which will serve as a focal point for worship and various important activities for the Anjuman e Ahlebayt (Anjuman) congregation (referred to as the “Center”). Both the Anjuman and the Donors have reached an agreement that the title to the Property will be held by the Anjuman. However, this arrangement is contingent upon the Anjuman successfully completing the construction of the Center within a specified time frame of three years, ending on December 4, 2025.

In the event that the Anjuman fails or refuses to fulfill its obligation of completing the construction of the Center within the stipulated three-year period, the agreement states that the Anjuman shall transfer the title to the Property to the Donors. This transfer will occur without the need for any additional compensation or consideration.

Please note that the specific details of the agreement, such as the terms and conditions, may vary and should be carefully reviewed in the original document.