Project and timeline

New Building
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Planning and Design: We have completed feasibility studies, community consultations, and architectural design. Engineering is continuing and excepted to finish by June 2023. After the engineering design is complete we will submit them to the city for approval which is expected to take 3 months.

Fundraising and Financing: Our finance committee is actively working on the fundraising campaigns, soliciting donations from the community, and exploring potential donations from outside the community.

Site Preparation and Infrastructure Civil work is expected to commence in June 2023 and the initial portion will focus on the drainage systems to support all the construction at this site. Utilities and roads will be planned later.

Construction of Basic Structures In this phase, the basic structures of the center are expected to start in Oct 2023. This typically involves laying the foundation, walls, roof, and basic utilities. This phase lays the groundwork for the main structure of the center and will also include the construction of auxiliary facilities such as parking areas, ablution (wudu) areas, and other necessary amenities.

Interior Finishing and Detailing Once the basic structures are completed, the focus will shift to the interior finishing and detailing phase. This involves the installation of flooring, wall finishes, ceilings, dome, lighting, plumbing, electrical, and other interior elements that are essential for the functionality and aesthetics of the mosque.

Exterior Finishing and Landscaping: This involves the installation of exterior cladding, painting, decorative elements, landscaping, and other finishing touches that will enhance the overall appearance and curb appeal of our brand-new facility.

Furnishing and Equipment After the interior finish is completed, the center will be furnished with necessary items such as carpet, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This will make the center fully equipped and ready for use by the community.

Grand opening The final phase of the phased construction of the center will be the testing and commissioning of all systems, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, conducting inspections, and officially handing over the completed center to the community for the grand opening on Milad un Nabi on 17th Rabi’ al-Awwal 1447 – Aug 23rd, 2025.

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